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Sat. Jan 21st 2017
You're driving along and trying to sound out some '80s lyrics when you hear the wailing sirens. What do you do? Panic and swerve isn't the right answer, although it is an understandable re...
Wed. Jan 20th 2016
Protect Your Home Your home is your refuge. It is important to store the things you need in advance of any emergency or crisis situation. You may need to survive on your own during a winter storm, she...
Sat. Jul 4th 2015
Preston County Search and Recovery Team now has a gofundme account to help raise money for new equipment and training.
Tue. Mar 3rd 2015
The RVFD is pleased to have taken ownership of a 2001 American LaFrance Pumper/Tanker Thanks you to all the people that have supported us over the last year and the hard work of our fireman to make...
Sun. Mar 16th 2014
The periods of each year between March 1 and May 31, inclusive, and October 1 and December 31, inclusive, are hereby designated ...
About Us

Welcome to Reedsville Volunteer Fire Department, Company 9

The RVFD was organized & charter written in 1936 with one fire truck & 7 men. They were housed in the building currently used as the Reedsville Town Hall. Our present fire station was constructed in 1980. During that time a tornado tore the garage doors off the station being built and tore the roof off station at that time (currently the Hospice Thrift Store). The present day station is on property generously donated to Reedsville Firefighters by Mr. William Fairfax

Presently, our first due area is as follows:

Rt.92 South to the Irish Ridge intersection, Flat Rock / Gladesville Road to the Monongalia county line, Kingwood Pike to the Monongalia county line, Dogtown Road to the Bethlehem church area, Rt.7 East to the Herring Road intersection, Rt. 7 West to the Burke Road intersection.

On average, Reedsville responds to ~250 calls per year.

RVFD also have mutual aide agreements with the following fire companies in the area: Masontown, Newburg, Kingwood, Triune-Halleck, Clinton District, and will assist any other department as needed.

The Reedsville Fire Department also houses the Preston County Dive Team.

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